Press Release for DePaul University Course: Explore Chicago Yoga

In 2014, I created and launched experiential course in which first year students explored the city of Chicago through the practice of yoga.

See copy below, which aimed to communicate our complex mission to a nation-wide audience, as I presented my work at a national conference and collaborated with other writers, academics and teachers in future iterations of the course.

Welcome to our course page for LSP 111: Explore Chicago at DePaul University, fall quarter 2014. Part of DePaul’s first year liberal arts core program, this course uses Chicago as a backdrop of inquiry into how and where yoga is practiced in the city today, from Hyde Park to Edgewater, and what these practices mean for Chicago citizens and beyond.

After visiting and practicing yoga in Chicago studios as well as interviewing important players in Chicago’s evolving yoga community, thirty students will craft thoughtful, lively blog posts and post photographs (linked in the side bar) that will put our visits in conversation with our core text: 21st Century Yoga, a collection of essays penned by contemporary yoga practitioners and teachers, many of whom are bloggers themselves.

It is our hope that we can use the power of blog-based writing to enrich the ongoing conversation taking place about critical issues facing the yoga community in Chicago and beyond, including:

  • Body image and yoga
  • The role of commercialism in yoga
  • The diversity of those exposed to yoga
  • Yoga and healing, especially in urban contexts

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about our project: Natalie Tomlin, Instructor, DePaul University