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From Stepping Stones Montessori’s annual report, fall 2018.

With over six years of experience in copywriting and content writing for small businesses and high profile corporate clients, I specialize in storytelling and communicating the unique style of brands.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to write two features for Stepping Stones Montessori’s Fall 2018 newsletter: one piece details the unforgettable life of Caleb Bacon and another traces the steps of an inspiring alumna (pages 8-10).


Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is creative and works seamlessly within a strategy and voice of a brand. Natalie identifies challenges and tackles them before they arise. She is an independent thinker who partners easily with team members.

-Rachel Zargo, Marketing Director, Moksha Yoga Center


Natalie was a great help to me with a print project for a client. She asked great questions and was thoughtful in getting to know the organization, their style, and nuances, before digging into the work. It was a relief to work with someone who is technically excellent and a wonderful storyteller. She’s professional, takes an assignment and runs with it, and delivers on-time. I would recommend Natalie for any writing challenge.

-Amanda St. Pierre, Saint PR

Natalie has been providing health & fitness related content for GR|MAG since last fall. She reached out to me and pitched the idea of writing regular pieces on area fitness organizations/classes to provide our readers with more insight into classes they might want to try. Natalie is very reliable and always turns in her stories on time. She also regularly pitches the fitness classes, which is a huge help to me as an editor. I rely on her each month for fitness-related stories and appreciate her commitment to GR|MAG and the quality of her work. She also turns in clean copy that fits the style and tone of the publication.

-Charlsie Dewey, Managing Editor, GR|MAG