My Services

I’ve had the honor of teaching small group and private sessions for several years. In my private sessions, I have helped my clients:

  • recover from injuries
  • learn basic poses and increase their confidence as beginners
  • increase strength and flexibility to tackle more challenging poses

More than anything, I want to help people to get into a ‘flow,’ where they can move beyond thinking, to simply breathe and be. I have a naturally analytical mind that can get me into trouble. One of my all time favorite quotes that sums up what I get from yoga is attributed to Søren Kierkegaard: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

I currently teach gentle yoga at the Grand Rapids KROC Center, Wednesdays at 9 am. In my classes, I focus on taking student requests and teaching fundamentals so students experience all yoga has to offer.

I’m currently available for small group and private sessions as well as workshops. Feel free to contact me with questions and pricing. I’m CPR certified and hold liability insurance.


I’ve been studying yoga for 20 years in Chicago and San Francisco and Natalie is the best teacher I’ve ever worked with. She begins every class by asking what, if any, physical problems/limitations her students have. She then creates a series of poses targeted to those concerns. I don’t know how she can restructure a class with a moment’s notice, but she does it every time. I get a great workout and leave feeling more relaxed and more energetic. -Eileen Reynolds
I have been practicing Yoga with Natalie at the Down Dog studio in Evanston for 8 months.  I enjoy Natalie’s classes because she changes each practice just enough to keep it interesting and challenging.  She works hard at setting a peaceful tone in class with a soft voice and peaceful music.  Natalie offers gentle and personal adjustments and instruction during class further adding to my personal yoga technique.  A small but very considerate touch after class; I love the essential oil temple rubs and the cooling towel fan.  I enjoy talking to Natalie before and after classes as she is a fun and interesting person. -Jose Urquiaga
“I had always wanted to try yoga, but was a little intimidated at first. When I met with Natalie, I felt extremely comfortable. She was so great and helped me through all the basic poses. Now I am able to enjoy all the benefits of yoga because I am not afraid anymore.” -Elizabeth Fallon
I have been searching for a well-instructed and traditional yoga class like this one for awhile and am glad to have finally found it. Natalie’s natural, intuitive and hands-on approach to yoga encourages students to challenge themselves on their own terms. She shares her yoga knowledge by shaping the class around the needs of the students while combining those needs with a dedicated focus. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to my next time on the mat. -Molly Kelly

What I like about practicing yoga with Natalie is the personalized  attention she gives to each individual student. Before each class, she asks us about our problem areas and what kinds of poses we enjoy. She encourages us to develop our own practices at our own pace and in our own ways. I leave every class relaxed and ready to face the week. -Kendall Rice

My Education

I received my 200 hour certification in vinyasa yoga from Corepower Yoga in Chicago and a 120 hour certificate in Hatha yoga from Suddha Weixler at the Chicago Yoga Center. In Chicago, I was also lucky enough to practice and study with some of the city’s most prominent teachers, including Allison English, Wade Gotwals, Rich Logan and Gabriel Halpern.

In Chicago, I taught at several yoga studios while also launching a small business offering private sessions and workshops focused on: power yoga fundamentals, pranayama (breath work), yoga and writing, and gentle yoga. In 2015, I created a course entitled “Exploring Chicago’s Yoga Community,” which guided DePaul University students through different yoga experiences around the city.

My Path

I have been practicing yoga on and off since the early aughts, but it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago in 2010 that I really committed myself to the practice.

At the time, I was full of stress and experiencing back pain. My usual work out of weight training and jogging simply wasn’t cutting it. I was fortunate to live on the same block as a yoga studio in Lincoln Park, so there were no excuses.

At first, I was shocked at how challenging yoga was, especially when I thought I was relatively fit. I also began to notice the aggression and impatience I had toward my body. Yoga seemed to provide an x-ray of my body and mind, showing me all of my blind spots.

It was humbling, and that was my first glimpse at the power of yoga that I respect so much today. Within about a year of practicing regularly, my mind and body were transformed: my chronic scoliosis had begun to correct itself, I was breathing much deeper, and my diet was dramatically better.

I didn’t really plan to become a yoga teacher, but my teachers kept asking if I was interested, as they could see how dedicated I was. Mysteriously, this began a path of study and service that hasn’t ended yet. Simply put, I have a passion for learning about the art and science of yoga and helping people to apply it to their bodies and minds.